From Gloryboy to Ballboy

The 9 and 10, are nine times out of ten, the guys with the best hair and cleanest shorts.

Jokes aside, your average halfback ends up there because he is the most talented guy in a team that struggles for attacking structure.
He probably ends up doing a lot of the attack on his own.

This leads to a “give me the ball” mentality that is hard to shake once he gets into a more talented or more strategic team.

With our freshmen coming in every year, we have to deconstruct the role of the halfbacks from glory boy who carries the team, and reconstruct it into ball boy who puts his mates into more successful situations.

The whole point of the halfback is to get quality ball into the hands of someone who can use it better than themselves.

Wanna be a glory boy? Put your mates into space.

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