Coaching to the Line Break

The goal of my attack used to be to achieve one of two things: look to gain 2meters, and/or look to present a 2 second recycle.

However doing this over and over again would take 25 phases to get us from the halfway to the try line.
Not many teams can go more than 5 phases before losing possession.

So I had to change. Now, the clear goal of our attacking phase play is to break the line within 2 to 5 phases.

We still want to create a back foot defense (through the 2meter gain) and a disorganized defense (through the 2second recycle), but they are not our goal, they are the tools to achieve our goal.

Breaking the line, within 2 to 5 phases, is our goal.

None of my teams were coached to break the line.
I use to coach as if it were going to take us 25 phases of grinding.
And so when my players actually did make a linebreak, no one knew how to finish it off!

I had to change my whole philosophy of attack to coach my team with the goal of setting up a line break within 2 to 5 phases.
We found that the 9-ball and 10-ball platforms were great tools for manipulating defenses when stacked together in successive phases.
But once we had that backfoot/disorganized defense we had to do something with it: strike it immediately with a 3v2 style attack.

And then once we make that line break, we have a job to do! Finish it off!

We found that the normal passing drills that we had grown up on had made us lazy in the most crucial parts of attack: striking backfoot/disorganized defenders, and then running support lines after the linebreak.

We would watch New Zealand players make line breaks and then ALWAYS find the pass back inside to the support runner.
They were coached to run that line! There had to be a drill to practice that line!

We use a 2v1progressing into a 3v2 drill to simulate striking a 2nd-to-5th phase defense.
We add 2 sweepers into the drill behind the defenders, this forces the 1st ball passer to follow through and receive the offload, and the 2nd ball passer to then follow through and receive the next offload.

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