Excellence mindset in a competitive environment

The reality is that there is always someone more talented than you.

But YOU have the full ability of maxing out your talent capacity through hard work.

Forget about competing against someone else for a starting position.

Instead take responsibility for creating the most excellent version of yourself.

Focus on yourself, not your competitors.

If you are playing B side, play how you would play if you were playing A side.

If you are playing A side, play how you would play if you were playing League/Regional Select Side.

You have got to be that more excellent player in your head and in your schedule before you will ever be in the team sheet.

Rugby is a dynamic environment. The next best player is always a match away.

Some players quit when they don’t make the A side. Excellent players don’t quit.

I will be the best player I’m capable of being, regardless of who is around me.

Every day is another opportunity to be excellent. Excellence attracts opportunities.


I went to academy with 3 guys who are now playing pro.

One played 5th team at his high school! One played 3rd team at his high school.

The other one was playing U/20B side rugby in a backwater club.

They all became Pro in their head and in their schedule before they ever got there in the team sheet. They never gave in to comparison. They never quit.

They created the excellent player they wanted to be.

There was a super star who was beyond better than all 60 of us at the academy.

But he compared himself to his competitors and got lazy and arrogant.

He made poor life choices, ended up blowing his talent, and never went past regional select level.

He would be playing test rugby now if he had decided in his head and in his schedule to be the most excellent player he was capable of being, regardless of his environment.

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