The Relational Side of Rugby

The perfect team and tactics only lasts for a season.

But the friendships we form, and the culture we build with each other, lasts for a lifetime. 

Levels of intimacy and managing expectations:
In any club most of us will have +-3 best friends, +-10 good friends, and +-30 team mates. We don’t have to be best friends with every body, but we do hold space for each others differences, because we have the same mission. Get on team.


Personal Branding.
How do others see me? (3 words or phrases that people would use to describe me)
What is important to/about me, that I want others to know?

Social Media Responsibilities and consequences…

Is what I am doing making me look Impressive?

Building the Team’s Brand. Build “Your Name” Brand.

Building Rugby’s brand
On the field: No mercy. We are here to clean up.
Off the field we are all trying to develop the brand of Rugby, so have a good time with these guys who traveled hours just to have a chance to step onto the field against us.

On Campus:
If you are going to claim to be a “your team” Rugger, you better be impressive.
Always dress 1 degree better than the occasion. Be confident.
Always greet another man with a handshake and a glint in your eye.
Always greet your teacher/professor/coach at the beginning of any class/practice.
Always let ladies through the door first, unless it is into an unknown place in which case you enter first.
Speak well of your team mates in front of others.
You fight your brother in private, in public you die for him.

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