Flyhalf Decision Making Model

When 10 catches the ball he can run through a flow chart:

What part of the field am I on?
if in our 50m, Kick Flow.
If in their 50m, Run Flow.

Kick Flow
1. is one of the back 3 missing/out of place?
If yes kick to that space. If not…

2. bomb between two of them.
Or if the defense is rushing hard with no sweeper…

3. chip & chase behind rushing defenders.

Run Flow
Run hard at the 5th defender from the ruck to sit the defense, then:
1. is there a lazy 4th Defender for the blindside wing?
if yes pop inside. If not…

2. is there space for the slide runner (behind the punch runners)?
if yes pass out-the-back. If not… there a gap for me?
if yes take it! If not… there a gap for the punch runners?
if yes draw and pass.
If not… let them take contact for you anyway, and get yourself setup for the next phase.

Good Scrumhalves & Flyhalves understand the principle of patient & wise buildup: you don’t need to do everything on phase 1!

This is a great success if you can suck in defenders and force the defensive line onto the back foot as they retreat onside & figure out how to reset against your next phase.

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