7 Steps to Better Rugby


During a session with your team, we will focus on the 7 steps we use every practice:

1) Tweaking our Handling Mechanics
Pass, catch, kick, & offload better in just 15 minutes.

2) Creating Better Habits of Attacking Space
We will run through the drills which ingrain better habits in attacking defenders, running support lines, and finishing line breaks.

3) Better Ball Security
The most important part of attack is keeping that ball through successive phases.

4) Tweaking our Tackling Mechanics
Build massive confidence around the dangerous (in many parents’ eyes), and fearful (in many players’ eyes) part of the game.

5) Creating Better Habits of Defending Space
We will run through the drills which ingrain better habits in defending attackers, shutting down playmakers, and working hard off the ground.

6) Attacking Platforms
9-ball platform, 10-ball platform, line-break protocol, and building a multi phase attack.
Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced layers 
to fit your player group.
We will talk about field position models, decision making models, defining player positions, and the mental side of aggressive attacking rugby.

7) Set piece Platforms
Redefining the purpose of each set piece and how it launches into your attacking platforms.


My aim is to leave you with simple & effective steps to continue using through your season, which will help you WIN more games, have more FUN, and IMPRESS your fans.